What To Do When Your Door Lock Stops Working? 

A malfunctioning door lock can be pretty troublesome and it poses some serious safety concerns as well. If it’s your front door, the concern is even more because your basic safety is compromised. Also, a broken lock or a malfunctioning lock can happen at any time. Sometimes you get early signs of a lock’s future breakdown, but again, you never know when you can land up with a lock that has stopped working. Whichever door lock is creating a problem needs to be fixed at the earliest. You don’t have a choice but to call a lock repair services to help you out of the situation. In case of looking up for a skilled locksmith, contact Chatham Locksmith Store for a premier unlock service in Chatham, NJ. Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands in trusting them when you face a door lock emergency.

  1. A non-working deadbolt lock

Deadbolts are the strongest known locks and popularly used on the main doors. Also, you have a variety of deadbolt locks in the market. Some are definitely complex in their nature of working. Some rare varieties like high-security locks can be hard to fix in such cases because they are built as a sturdy lock which doesn’t malfunction usually. Mortise deadbolts are also robust locks made from resilient components which are very less prone to breakage. These kinds of locks usually do not need complete replacement unless they have received extreme damage or tampering in case of a break in attempt. The fixing of such door locks are done with a component replacement. So if your deadbolt door lock is not working, call your nearest locksmith in Chatham, NJ who can come over and inspect the problem and give you a quick solution to the problem.

  1. A malfunctioning door latch

Door latches work with a spring mechanism. The spring load operates the door knob or the latch which reverts back to its close position after the lock has been opened. When the latch stops working it is because the spring can no longer retract or extend. It can get jammed or lose its spring function completely. You have to check why the latch is not working. It could be because of rusting of the latch causing it to jam or the internal components failing. Anyway, whatever the reason is, door knobs are easy to replace and in such cases are easily replaced by a locksmith. Replacement of jammed locks is easier than fixing it unless the latch can be sprayed with a lock lubricant to clear the dirt deposit (if that’s the reason). Ask your unlock service in Chatham, NJ to help you fix your door latch when it malfunctions.

  1. Keyless lock failures

Keyless locks like keypad locks, electronic locks and fingerprint locks are difficult to fix when they stop working. The lack of access to a keyhole and the absence of keys make it difficult once this locks get stuck as there is no way a layman can fix it. They can have manual overrides, but during a malfunction that option too is useless because it completely stops working. The lock failures can be due to stuck push buttons and energy interruption due to internal mechanics that causes a problem in their functioning. The only and the best option for such cases is to seek an expert lock repair services in your locality who can troubleshoot the situation and repair the lock or suggest replacement of parts or the entire lock itself.

  1. When sliding door locks do not work

When sliding doors stop working it is mainly due to misalignment issues. The sliding track may need lubrication or the latch bolt doesn’t attach properly. Due to weather changes the wooden door frame can expand or contract causing misalignment issues. This causes difficulty in closing or opening the door. Unless there is no change in the sliding of the doors, the issue of your sliding door lock resides with the door latch. In cases of a dysfunctional sliding door latch you need to replace it completely with a new one because they are usually fragile in nature and not as sturdy as other locks like mortises. They can also break easily hence they are replaced in such cases. Get in touch with an unlock service in Chatham, NJ for the best recommendations in getting a replacement for your sliding door latch.

A universal fix for a door lock not working properly is using a lubricant. Sometimes door locks get jammed because of some dirt deposits and corrosion which makes them not so smooth in operation. A good door lubricant can make this process easy and it is a DIY procedure in most cases. However, if the lock has disconnected or broken parts or a keyless security lock then it needs a locksmith’s inspection and professional intervention.   

Are you facing issues with your door or window locks? Or you probably need an upgrade to your home security? Or maybe, you just have some queries regarding locksmith services. Whatever may be your need, feel free to reach out to one of the best unlock service in Chatham, NJ atChatham Locksmith Store. Save the number 973-864-3153 and dial it up whenever you need anything related to locksmiths!